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The Birregurra Preschool Management Committee

Birregurra Kindergarten is a community, non-profit kinder that is run by a committee of parents/volunteers called the committee of management. There are many benefits of having a community-run kinder. These include freedom for the educators to adapt the curriculum to the interests and needs of the children, a greater level of individuality, a reduction in operating costs and a huge sense of community among the kindergarten’s families and staff.

The committee of management is responsible for the kindergarten’s business operations and reporting to regulatory bodies. It's smooth operation relies on parents, and people from the wider community, with a diversity of skills and experiences to volunteer their time. Through the committee, members are given the opportunity to have a say, be involved in the collaborative running of the kindergarten and play an active role in the wider kinder community.

As well as ensuring the kindergarten meets government regulations, other main responsibilities include:

• planning the budget
• maintaining finances and deciding how funds are spent
• appointing and supporting staff
• organising fundraising events and social activities

The committee is happy to be contacted regarding any kinder issue and is happy to field questions and respond to complaints or grievances.
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