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The Birregurra Preschool Committee of Management

Birregurra Preschool is a community, not for profit kinder that is run by a committee of parent volunteers and staff members called the committee of management (COM). The committee acts at the licenced provider and employer of the kinder. Without a COM, Birregurra Preschool would not be able to provide early education services to the local community.

There are many benefits of having a community-run kinder. Our educators have the freedom to adapt the curriculum to the interests and needs of the children and have a greater level of independence and flexibility. We have total control over the programs we run, for example, we have chosen for the pre-school group and pre-kindergarten group to maintain their own separate days as we feel this has many benefits. Additionally, incursions and excursions are tailored to the interests and needs of the students. Another advantage is that there is sense of community among the kindergarten’s families and staff.

The committee of management is responsible for the kindergarten’s business operations and reporting to regulatory bodies. The smooth operation of our preschool relies on parents and staff with a diversity of skills and experiences to volunteer their time.

Through the committee, members are given the opportunity to have a say, be involved in the collaborative running of the kindergarten and play an active role in the wider kinder community.

As well as ensuring the kindergarten meets government regulations, other main responsibilities include:

  • planning the budget
    maintaining finances and deciding how funds are spent
  • appointing and supporting staff
  • applying for grants
  • organising fundraising opportunities and social events
  • securing the sustainability of the kindergarten both now and into the future


In order to fulfil these responsibilities, several volunteer committee roles need to be filled each year.

Why join? ​

A parent-led committee enhances the kindergarten’s sense of community with people from a range of backgrounds and experiences getting involved and having a say. Parents join to be part of their child’s education and to actively participate in the running of Birregurra Pre-school. With our busy lives, involvement in the committee can be challenging at times – juggling the responsibilities of parenting, work commitments and volunteering. However, those involved report the experience to be very rewarding. It’s a terrific way to get to know others and make a meaningful contribution to the local community. Many members also consider it a valuable learning experience and an opportunity to practice skills which can be applied to other areas of their lives.

What’s involved?

You can nominate for a particular role or join as a general committee member. Members of the executive committee include the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Other roles include OH&S, Maintenance, Grants and Fundraising. The committee meets monthly and if you’re unable to make the meeting in person, there is always the option to join in inline. Outside of the meetings there are always plenty of work to be done with members taking on projects that match their interests, skills and availability of time.

How do I find out more?

Contact us You’re welcome to contact us via email if you would like more information or to have a chat with a current committee member: cerfvqrag@oveertheen.xvaqretnegra.ivp.tbi.nh
Speak to a staff member
 A staff member will be happy to talk with you about the committee and answer your questions.

Overview of Committee Roles

(Executive Member)


(Executive Member)


(Executive Member)


(Executive Member)




(New Position)

This will be a new position in 2024. It will involve submitting applications for grants for the preschool.



Current Executive Committee


Brydie Kilday

Vice President

Cassie Stephens


Nickeeta Roache


Steph Crittenden